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    Qingdao Yifei Plastic Welding Equipment Co., Ltd. Successfully Launched High-tec

    Release time:2019-01-23 14:35source:adminBrowse times:24607

    After all the technicians of Qingdao Yifei Plastic Welding Equipment Co., Ltd. tackled the key problems, another new plastic plate engraving machine was successfully launched in the company, and received unanimous praise from users. The introduction of this engraving machine marks the serialization of Yifei's products. Yifei's products have achieved the benign development of production generation, reserve generation and R&D generation. With the introduction of this engraving machine, Yifei's products have reached 5 series and 15 varieties, and the products are the most complete in the same industry.

    The engraving machine adopts precision linear guide rail imported from Taiwan with good steel and high precision. It adopts grinding grade precision ball screw, special constant power spindle motor with high cutting force and efficiency. The interface adopts international standard G code instruction, thin and tolerant foreign engraving machine software. It is practical and easy to operate. It is mainly suitable for engraving and milling of various plastic moulds, sizing and punching, and it is a special shape of plastic sheet metal. The special equipment for cutting can cut all kinds of abnormal shapes. The equipment has high cutting precision and long service life.

    The equipment is suitable for environmental protection, chemical industry, anti-corrosion and other industries. It is equipped with the plastic plate bumper welding machine, plastic plate feeder, plastic extrusion welding torch and other equipment produced by our company.

    The drawings show the equipment of the engraving machine.

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