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    New Zealand customers come to visit our company

    Release time:2019-01-23 14:34source:adminBrowse times:16709

    Through the joint efforts of all the staff of Qingdao Yifei Plastic Welding Equipment Co., Ltd., Yifei's products have achieved the benign development of production generation, reserve generation and R&D generation. So that the products of Yifei Company reach 15 varieties, in the same industry to achieve the most complete products, to solve the customer's trouble of rushing around to buy equipment.

    In early 2015, foreign customers from New Zealand came to our company to inspect a series of welding equipment and PP, PE sheet production lines. After our professional introduction and explanation, foreign customers were very happy to sign the contract with us.

    So Qingdao Yifei employees work overtime to build equipment for customers, in order to enable customers to use our equipment earlier and timely production and operation. Although they encountered many problems, but they did not give up, even the general manager personally went to battle, every day in the workshop to urge workers to work overtime, in order to be able to timely purchase accessories, he personally drove out to purchase. Finally, the equipment production is completed and the delivery is ahead of schedule. And excellent quality is widely praised by customers, and equipment has always been in short supply. Even so, Yifei Company is not proud, and the general manager has been adhering to the concept of "quality is the life of products, reputation is the soul of enterprises, careful, customer satisfaction is their goal" production and management.

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