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    Ten years of sharpening a sword of

    Release time:2019-01-23 14:33source:adminBrowse times:15658

    Qingdao Yifei Plastic Welding Equipment Co., Ltd., after 10 years of hard work, has finally made great strides to stand out from many enterprises and become a professional manufacturer of welding equipment, plate equipment and other products in China's plastic machinery industry. Over the past 10 years, Liu Peng, general manager of Qingdao Yifei, has led the staff to innovate and break through constantly, and constantly develop new products. From a small workshop which only produces hot-air welding torches to a workshop which now has thousands of square meters, it has been widely praised and welcomed by customers with excellent quality, and the equipment has always been in short supply and sold well in China. Outside. But they are not complacent about it, but as always take customer needs as their mission, hoping to achieve common development and common prosperity with customers.

    Yifei's main products include plastic plate bumper welding machine, plastic plate bender, PLC plastic bumper and folder machine, PP/PE plate production line, high-yield plastic welding rod machine, heat shrinkable tape coating production line, electric hot melt sleeve production line, high-performance plastic extrusion welding gun, electric hot melt welding machine, etc. It has all products in the plastic machine industry. It also saves time because of the trouble of purchasing equipment from many customers.

    In the fiercely competitive industry, our equipment also keeps pace with the development requirements of the times, constantly updated, constantly transformed, hoping to achieve excellence. Among them, the plastic plate bumper welding machine has been changed from chain drive to shaft drive mechanism. The appearance design is also different from before. It is not only beautiful and easy to operate, but also a 600mm plate bumper welding machine has been successfully developed. In this era of intellectualization, our plate collision and folding machine has also been changed from the ordinary operation screen to the PLC touch screen control system (Siemens). The use of computers is simple, convenient, fast, stable, safe, and the important point is to improve the accuracy, error-prone and so on.

    At the beginning of the year, according to market research and previous sales experience, we found that in order to enable customers to purchase a complete set of welding equipment without running around, the general manager for customers want, and successfully launched the "plastic plate engraving machine", plate engraving machine company developed for special-shaped cutting of plastic plate. Special equipment, which has high cutting accuracy and long service life. In this way, one-stop service can be purchased, so that they can easily, accurately and quickly lock in the purchasing manufacturers, bringing convenience. Last June, under the leadership of General Manager, Yifei Company successfully commissioned PE sheet production line in Yiwu, Zhejiang Province. The produced sheet has smooth surface and beautiful appearance, low density and light weight. The extruder has the following characteristics: high plasticity, homogeneous melt, continuous and stable production, high performance gear box reducer, large torque, long life and low noise. The three-roll calender adopts horizontal, vertical or 45-degree inclined type, which can rise and fall freely. Independent control of roller temperature control system can accurately control the roller temperature, so that the plate produced is smooth, smooth and even in thickness. The equipment has also been well received by Yiwu customers.

    From 2014 to now, after the efforts of all the staff of Yifei Company, it has made one amazing achievement after another. I believe that in the near future, we will surely rise to a higher level. Because we have always believed that "quality is the life of the product, reputation is the soul of the enterprise, customer satisfaction is our non-staff work goal"!

    In 2015, we still adhere to the tenet of "professional manufacturing, focusing on quality and dedicated service", and strive to build the "Yi-Fei" brand by gravity and go global. Let Yifei become a benchmark enterprise in plastic machinery manufacturing industry!

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