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    Our company successfully developed 6000 mm automatic plastic plate touch welding

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    Qingdao Yifei Plastic Welding Equipment Co., Ltd. is engaged in plastic plate bumping welding machine, tailoring machine, plastic plate bending machine, plastic bumping and bending machine, electrothermal fusion welding machine, extrusion plastic welding machine, electrothermal fusion sleeve production line, plastic plate production line (plate equipment), plastic welding rod production line, heat shrinkable tape coating machine, etc. The products are widely used in plastic welding, anti-corrosion of plastic chemical industry, welding of plastic containers, welding of plastic pipes and plastic pipe fittings and electroplating equipment. Recently, through the joint efforts of all the technicians of Qingdao Yifei Plastic Welding Equipment Co., Ltd., 6000mm fully automatic plastic bump welding machine was successfully developed in the company and passed the authoritative appraisal of the expert group.

    Plastic sheet welding has changed from manual to full automatic welding without welding rod and penetration of weld seam, which reduces your labor cost, improves labor efficiency and saves sheet metal.

    Fully automatic plastic plate bumper welding machine belongs to electrical integration automatic mechanical equipment. According to the principle of hot plate heating fusion welding, it is developed successfully, and it is suitable for all hot plastic sheet welding. The system is controlled by a micro-computer and has the function of voltage regulation. It does not need welding rod to melt itself and assemble automatically. Its interface is smooth and beautiful, with high strength, stable operation and excellent performance.

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