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    Qingdao Yifei Plastic Welding Equipment Co., Ld (original name Qingdao Jiaozhou Yifei Plastic Welding Equipment Plant), engages in designing and manufacturing of plastic welder, plastic welding torch, welding rod, extrusion plastic welder (portable plastic welding torch) and geomembrane welder. Products widely applied in various industries such as plastic welding, plastic chemical antisepsis, plastic container welding, plastic pipe and plastic parts welding, as well as manufacture of plating equipment. Presently, it develops and manufactures automatic plastic plate bending machine, plastic welder, plastic feeding machine and so forth, which offer high quality product with low price for plastic product processing in plating equipment industry, PCB equipment industry, environment-friendly equipment industry and chemical container industry. In addition, it compensates such features as “bad quality, slow, insecure, waste materials, leaking” during manual processing of plastic board. The products win good reputations from customers from home and aboard.

    RFSJ-16 portable hot blast warm-up extruded style plastic welder is a new kind of heat blast welder introducing the advanced international technology and being made with extractive technique. Moreover, its technical index has reached the standard of the foreign products with the same level and filled up the blank in China. Heat blast warm-up and the plastic welding rod are combined together to enhance the welding strength with their reasonable structure, convenient operation, continuous welding, high working efficiency and great extruding pressure, therefore they are the ideal products for welding and processing various thermoplasticity plastic. This product combines the heat blast warm-up and the welding rod extrusion, the heat blast owns continuous adjustable thermal temperature control and the automatic-sending wind supply, the extruding parts have advanced temperature control system and can directly show the melting temperature of the welding rod. Furthermore, the extruding speed can be conveniently adjusted. Adoption of the screw style feed lets the welding have great extruding pressure and agile low temperature protection system. Adoption of the 220V alternating current supply can weld the thermoplasticity plastics, such as welding of the plastic panel, plastic tubing and plastic anticorrosive pressure container, especially for sealing, repair, tubing connection of the winding tubing with hollow wall and big aperture, tie-in welding of the PE jacket tube tie-in of the direct burial style heat preservation tube, welding of the elbow bend pipe, Santong and plastic tubing manufacture with big aperture, welding and manufacture of the plastic pit.

    Since entering into the market, the plastic welder has enjoyed good praise from clients with its reasonable price, top-ranking quality and excellent after-sale service. Moreover they have gained good praise and replaced the imported products after the long period application by the companies, such as Fujian Yatong Company, Fujian Hengtong Company, Shengli Oil Field Tianhuada Company, Changchun An’te Company and Zibo Huifeng Company.

    Our company has established the service center to repair the imported plastic welders, such as Mengqi extruding plastic welder from Germany, leister heat blast welding torch from Switzerland and ROTHENBERGER extruding welder from Germany, therefore the problems of high maintenance fee and long periods of the agent have been solved for the users.

    Our company situates in the Aishan Industrial Park, Xisong, Jiaozhou, Qingdao with railroad, speedway, national highway and provincial highway. Abuts on Qingdao International Airport and Qingdao Port, vertical transportation network in length and breadth has been formed. With excellent geographical location, we welcome old and new clients for visits and negotiation.

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